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Improvisation and creativity

A conversation

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Core of improvisation – have rules. "Creativity arises out of the tension between spontaneity and limitations." (Telier 2011) #designthingsTHE FISHTANK
The quote comes from Rollo May, and his book “The Courage to Create””Creativity arises out of the tension between spontaneity and limitations, the latter (like the river banks) forcing the spontaneity into the various forms which are essential to the work of art or poem.”
Psychoanalyst Rollo May being interviewed in Swedish documentary Sagolandet from 1988
. @thefishtanksays "rules" maybe to precise – I think more in terms of loosely bound constraints for good improv….Brian_Condon
@brian_condon ‘Rules’ – too authoritative perhaps? Constraints yes, but still strict to define boundaries needed to move things forward.THE FISHTANK
. @thefishtanksays agree with "boundaries" but don’t like "strict" / have a look at "Oblique Strategies" by Eno/SchmidtBrian_Condon
Brian Eno on Later, 2001.
@brian_condon Will do. It’s also a case of context, I worked with a director who had a loose idea of improv = the show descended into chaos.THE FISHTANK
. @thefishtanksays Good point! Need to talk more on this outside the constraints of 140 characters! :)Brian_Condon
@brian_condon Ahh yes. Btw – I’ll be back in London on 14 Nov so shall pop by with a laptop in hand. :-)THE FISHTANK

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