The Puppet and The Power

A discussion with Gary Friedman

Matthew Cohen and Gary Friedman
Matthew Cohen and Gary Friedman

A brilliant opportunity to hear from Gary Friedman, the renowned Australian-based puppeteer and film-maker. Gary Friedman will provide an initial glimpse of his project-in-progress, a documentary film of the relation between politics and puppetry titled “The Puppet and The Power”.

Gary has been to C4CC before – and this was a great opportunity to hear where he is in this important project.



Gary Friedman is a puppeteer, educator and producer based in Melbourne, Australia. Trained in puppetry in Charleville-Mézières, France, he headed the non-governmental Gary at C4CCorganisation ʻPuppets Against Aidsʼ based in South Africa (starting in 1987), interviewed President Nelson Mandela and other politicians for ʻPuppets for Democracyʼ (starting 1994), ran the ʻPuppets in Prisonʼ education programme in South African prisons, as well as programmes such as ʻPuppets Against Corruptionʼ in Kenya and ʻPuppets Against Abuseʼ in South Africa.





Here’s the pilot for “The Puppet and the Power”