A conversation…

Improvisation and creativity

A conversation

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Core of improvisation – have rules. "Creativity arises out of the tension between spontaneity and limitations." (Telier 2011) #designthingsTHE FISHTANK
The quote comes from Rollo May, and his book “The Courage to Create””Creativity arises out of the tension between spontaneity and limitations, the latter (like the river banks) forcing the spontaneity into the various forms which are essential to the work of art or poem.”
Psychoanalyst Rollo May being interviewed in Swedish documentary Sagolandet from 1988
. @thefishtanksays "rules" maybe to precise – I think more in terms of loosely bound constraints for good improv….Brian_Condon
@brian_condon ‘Rules’ – too authoritative perhaps? Constraints yes, but still strict to define boundaries needed to move things forward.THE FISHTANK
. @thefishtanksays agree with "boundaries" but don’t like "strict" / have a look at "Oblique Strategies" by Eno/SchmidtBrian_Condon
Brian Eno on Later, 2001.
@brian_condon Will do. It’s also a case of context, I worked with a director who had a loose idea of improv = the show descended into chaos.THE FISHTANK
. @thefishtanksays Good point! Need to talk more on this outside the constraints of 140 characters! :)Brian_Condon
@brian_condon Ahh yes. Btw – I’ll be back in London on 14 Nov so shall pop by with a laptop in hand. :-)THE FISHTANK

NextGen12 – 9 October

Broadband for All?

Discussion at NextGen12 on the House of Lords Report

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mT @digiscot Broadband for All report being presented by Lord Inglewood #nextgen12 http://t.co/fOS5NyZV (links to pdf)
Lord Inglewood opens the day #nextgen12 "an alternative vision" – broadband for all twitpic.com/b2htiqBrian_Condon
King of Spades now on stage at #nextgen12
Inglewood on Broadband for All: upload is as important as download #nextgen12
Lord Inglewood "on the whole politicians are ‘behind the curve’ on digital technologies" he says this has to change – #NextGen12
@brian_condon Better get on with planning Parliamentary Social Media Surgery #NextGen12
@johnpopham Good idea! He said there are notable exceptions – broadly though they have underestimated the impacts #nextgen12
Lord Inglewood thinks politicians are behind on "these things". File under admit first to be able to fix. A great thing! #nextgen12
Super fast broadband is a meangless thing to say! The goalpost moves! Fiber to everyone is the endgame! I like Lord Inglewood. #nextgen12
@Julianlstar yes – at least the HoL is having a go at it. Inglewood says “we need to open it up” need Open Access #nextgen12
Lord Inglewood coming our strongly against Net Neutrality. I fear the telcos have won political hearts and minds on that one. #nextgen12
What matters is to get about it in a proper way! This speech by Lord Inglewood may prove to provide quite a few good quotes! #nextgen12
@fiberguy but he also talked open access and competition. Maybe need to get close on him on that. #NextGen12
Matt Yardley of Analysys disagrees with HoL report – hub concept flawed he says #nextgen12 twitpic.com/b2hxz2Brian_Condon
Chi Onwurah comes strongly for open access, but no one defines what they mean by that. Openreach says they’re Open Access… #nextgen12
Shadow Queen of Spades criticises current Spades approach but shares vision of King of Spades at #nextgen12 House of Hearts under attack!
Yardley criticises foundation of King of Spades report – and in doing so gets a weak applause at #nextgen12.
"How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice."You must be," said the Cat, or you wouldn’t have come here.” #nextgen12
Lord Inglewood says that “we wouldn’t want to start from here” – but we have to deal with what we’ve got. Yardley says that he sees the HoL model being like sub-loop unbundling; and this hasn’t worked in Europe. He says that the hub concept proposed by the HoL report is flawed economically.
Francesco Caio says UK has done well on usage – need to make sure we equip our people for the future economy – this needs NGA #nextgen12
Yardley says that there are State Aid issues – Inglewood responds that there aren’t such issues if all networks are made open; providing the access is paid for on a realistic basis.

NextGen12 – 8 October 2012


Towards the digital economy

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This is a Storify around the NextGen 12 Conference in The City of Westminster, London. I’m chairing the conference and will also try to keep content moving into the Storify.
Lorne Mitchell tells a story (an allegory) at #nextgen12 twitpic.com/b27o8kBrian_Condon
I am at #NextGen12 today. Looking forward to Chairing a session on broadband policy. Good line up over the next 2 days!
Listening to a fireside story from @lornemitchell at #nextgen12
Listening to a story from Lorne Mitchell at #NextGen12. Hilarious.
#nextgen12 Find 10 of Spades, 5 of Spades, 2 of Spades, Queen of Hearts, Queen of Diamonds, Ace of Clubs and the Joker to win today’s prize!
Peter Cochrane on stage at #NextGen12 pic.twitter.com/reW5W86bB4theRuralSouth
Listening to Peter Cochrane OBE talk bandwidth and the future of data demand #NextGen12
Peter is going for the bigger picture and looking at what it means for the way we produce products and services. 3D printing is about shipping designs not shipping products.
#NextGen12. Peter Cochrane. Stellar show: take-away-"without hi-speed intelligence, we`re dead". Build better future bottom-up.
#NextGen12. PeterCochrane. next tech hot-spot= intersection of nano_AI+IT+Bio…
At NextGen conf, Prof Peter Cochrane -time to wake-up + stop sweating the small stuff, gear-shift thinking + change is needed #NextGen12
#NextGen12. PeterCochrane. User-Generated Design+ 3-D print= `Open Hardware`…
Peter Cochrane makes a good point re the west stumbling into the future with no plan. At #NextGen12
#NextGen12. PeterCochrane. Europe is (unlike Asia) on a random walk into the future. we can have vision, mission, plan too!
The need to stop talking and start doing driven home at #NextGen12. How did we end up with the mess that is BDUK?
RT @paulinerigby: RT @paulinerigby: Broadband: never have so many talked so long with so little effect – to paraphrase @PeterCochrane @ #nextgen12
RT @hugopickering: RT @hugopickering: Peter Cochrane makes a good point re the west stumbling into the future with no plan. At #NextGen12
@hugopickering #NextGen12 there is a plan, peter doesn’t like it, which is his right
"Fibre to home is futureproof and as much funding as possible should be devoted to it," says Karin Ahl of FTTH Council Europe #NextGen12
@Watchingtheflow Your plan Bill. Patching up the old phone network to protect your investment is Not Good Plan #nextgen12 #da12bb
#nextgen12 ‘Big plan is to cover the whole area’ Karin Ali. This means fibre, not copper phone lines. Say no to #fttc stopgaps.
"For every 1,000 new FTTH end users 80 new jobs are created," says Karin Ahl of FTTH Council Europe #NextGen12
Live blog #NextGen12 here http://t.co/TXI2tDIw
FT reports that DG Comp is ready to approve BDUK State Aid. Maybe @eurohumph will give an update at #nextgen12. Who blinked?
NextGen Events :: NextGen 12 – 8 & 9 October 2012 :: Live webcast from NextGen 12The UK’s independent focus for next generation broadband transformation as an essential foundation for economic growth, innovation and easier development.
#nextgen12 Prysmian’s Richard Thomas says biggest consumer of optical fiber is mobile not access – China Mobile doing fibre to the antenna.
Richard Thomas Prysmian Group presentation available for download #NextGen12 http://t.co/kqTjduTU + live http://t.co/m3zBluvo
Peter Cochrane said "stop talking and start building"; hearing from Richard Thomas, Prysmian about project in Almond in Scotland #NextGen12
RT @helenmilner: RT @helenmilner: Liv Garfield up now at #nextgen12 RT @finalninth: @nextgen12 The Queen of Hearts is on!
Liv Garfield up now at #nextgen12 RT @finalninth: @nextgen12 The Queen of Hearts is on!
RT @cyberdoyle: RT @cyberdoyle: Fibre on demand to rural areas not available. cos we aint got cabinets. so we stay on dial up? #nextgen12
Liv Garfield says no one needs more than 24 MB – can’t generate more than that from a family #nextgen12 twitpic.com/b29n7mBrian_Condon
BT are hiring former forces personel in Open Reach #NextGen12
Good! Liv Garfield says fibre in the great is no good unless people use it – growth for businesses and for communities #NextGen12 #BT
@brian_condon Please could she tell my kids that? #nextgen12
@ClaireatWaves she said that they can’t re-create or simulate the conditions or uses more than total of 24mbps per household. #NextGen12
Liv Garfield says BT is the only global company who is able to physically and commercially deliver fibre #NextGen12
@helenmilner Liv is a great speaker, but she believes the hype. Copper is not the future. #nextgen12
🙂 thx to @kat_braybrooke @brian_condon & #nextgen12 audience for great discussion re importance of digital inclusion & transparency. @OKFN
Really enjoyed the @kat_braybrooke and @helenmilner discussion at #NextGen12 – some delegates looked a bit scared I thought! 🙂
It’s ok though, we’re now back on more comfortable ground talking cloud and wireless infrastructure. #nextgen12
Nicholas James talking about mobile broadband for tenants – as the best solution #NextGen12 #digihousing
RT @kat_braybrooke: RT @kat_braybrooke: for more info re: the apps I referenced in #nextgen12 #digitalinclusion panel just now, links: @OKFN @openspending @ …
@danielheery sits in the balcony #nextgen12 under a sign that says ‘unfading splendour’ ! pic.twitter.com/9cVinY4kBrian_Condon
A lovely symmetry talking about future tech in beautiful old building MT @brian_condon: ‘unfading splendour’ pic.twitter.com/GKV0eIw8 #NextGen12helen milner
#nextgen12 The Joker in the pack which looks like a Brussels Sprout (with his rules on State Aid) continue to dominate the debate!
@brian_condon is sitting under banner "true light" exactly what his insightful chairing deliver ing at #nextgen12 pic.twitter.com/ayQsf7T3danielheery
@sivangr @openspending @schoolofdata i was mentioning apps + initiatives by @okfn that promote digital inclusion + literacy at #nextgen12 😉
@hokulele glad you enjoyed – was interesting (& important!) discussion. would like to hear more about your work! cc @helenmilner #nextgen12
RT @kat_braybrooke: I was mentioning apps + initiatives by @OKFN that promote digital inclusion + literacy at #nextgen12 😉 (@SchoolofData)
Then we split into 2 sessions running in parallel
"From Oxford Tweet to Leicester Share" session kicking off at #NextGen12 – all about how Westminster worked with O2 on free WiFi
O2 wifi in Westminster biggest outdoor free wifi in Europe #nextgen12
#nextgen12 Listening to Wesminster City Council and O2 talk about their WiFi project @ruckuswireless
There’s quite a bit of Tweeting from the rural broadband session
Scream if you want to go faster – rural broadband workshop streaming live from 4.30pm at join in at http://t.co/j5kdeg4y #nextgen12
#nextgen12 standing room only in Cambrian rural broadband break-out!
Joker Brussels Sprout thinking on Fixed Wireless networks being discussed at #nextgen12 rural broadband break-out
Licenced or Unlicenced for fixed wireless rural networks? That is the question at #nextgen12 breakout on rural broadband.
Fixed wireless quite capable of providing 35Mbps NGA with 40 years mean time before failure at #nextgen12 breakout on rural broadband
Hearing about allpay (wireless broadband) on the church towers in #Herefordshire at #NextGen12 How is it being used?
Church of England enlightened by supporting wireless schemes in from churches in Herefordshire, Norfolk & Kent! Elegant circle at #nextgen12
No whisky yet from Daniel Heery championing #fieryspirits at #nextgen12.
@danielheery outlining challenges for rural broadband schemes: weather, powercuts, coordination, & finance are some at #nextgen12
@danielheery outlining challenges for rural broadband schemes: weather, powercuts, coordination, & finance are some at #nextgen12
Knave of Diamonds all over the place at #nextgen12. The rise and rise of community "fiery spirits" very exciting at #nextgen12 !!
Real worries on risk of bankrolling schemes when Wildcard Hearts go and trump your local scheme at #nextgen12