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A brilliant talk on data visualisation from Moritz Stefaner.


Moritz Stefaner

Storified by Brian_Condon · Fri, May 18 2012 01:55:32

Views of the world or worldview – take your pick
Moritz Stefaner at Future Everythingdigitalcitizenuk
Wow, a truth and beauty operator Moritz Stefaner #datavisualiser #futr
@moritz_stefaner shares visualisation of Wikipedia deletion discussion for "Biscuits and human sexuality" topic #futr
Job title of the day #futr @moritz_stefaner ‘Truth and Beauty Operator’. Ah I do love a bit of data visualisation http://t.co/fktgBJ5o
Stefaner calls himself a Truth&Beauty operator comparing data visualisation as a means of seeing the world fr above like an astronaut #futr
Moritz Stefaner and "Keep Delete" voting on #lolcats #futr twitpic.com/9lzp4vBrian_Condon
RT @goldenlatrine: Inspiring talk by "truth and beauty operator" @moritz_stefaner, creating beautiful patterns from data! #futr
#futr @moritz_stefaner guiding us through his data viz of Wikipedia. Fascinating.
@moritz_stefaner fascinating insight in to the OECD Better Life Index #futr pic.twitter.com/cpfFpXCnMark Braggins
RT @markbraggins: @moritz_stephaner explores the data using his own tools, and then tries to turn the essence of that in to a picture #futr
Better Life index, Moritz Stefaner moritz.stefaner.eu/projects/oecd-… #futr pic.twitter.com/Fktoj4VzMirena Papadimitriou
@moritz_stefaner extracting core meaning of data sets and visualising beautifully *joy of pictures* #futr
muesli Ingredients as data visualisation. I like @moritz_stefaner #futr
OECD Better Life – gorgeous interactive visualisation with @moritz_stefaner at #futr
So beautiful. Sexy informative data. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! #futr pic.twitter.com/zc9doRCgJoeli Brearley
#futr @moritz_stefaner discusses the Emoto #London2012 project – with much self restraint! pic.twitter.com/UnvpbURjBrian_Condon
He says he works analytically and everything is there for the data – but if the solution is not beautiful, the answer is probably wrong.
@moritz_stefaner working on project with @toodrew Emoto – visualise Olympic games social media responses #futr
RT @brian_condon: @mauritz_stefaner says (a la Buckminster Fuller) if the solution’s not beautiful, the answer’s wrong #futr #dataviz twitpic.com/9m006lSteve Lawson
Now here’s a good one "pragnanz" concise, clearly shaped, elegant #futr @moritz_stefaner twitpic.com/9m01f0
@moritz_stefaner @futrConf #futr Loved hearing about your approach, inspirational!
RT @FuturEverything: #futr @moritz_stefaner discusses the Emoto #London2012 project – with much self restraint! pic.twitter.com/UnvpbURjMoritz Stefaner