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A brilliant talk on data visualisation from Moritz Stefaner.


Moritz Stefaner

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Views of the world or worldview – take your pick
Moritz Stefaner at Future Everythingdigitalcitizenuk
Wow, a truth and beauty operator Moritz Stefaner #datavisualiser #futr
@moritz_stefaner shares visualisation of Wikipedia deletion discussion for "Biscuits and human sexuality" topic #futr
Job title of the day #futr @moritz_stefaner ‘Truth and Beauty Operator’. Ah I do love a bit of data visualisation http://t.co/fktgBJ5o
Stefaner calls himself a Truth&Beauty operator comparing data visualisation as a means of seeing the world fr above like an astronaut #futr
Moritz Stefaner and "Keep Delete" voting on #lolcats #futr twitpic.com/9lzp4vBrian_Condon
RT @goldenlatrine: Inspiring talk by "truth and beauty operator" @moritz_stefaner, creating beautiful patterns from data! #futr
#futr @moritz_stefaner guiding us through his data viz of Wikipedia. Fascinating.
@moritz_stefaner fascinating insight in to the OECD Better Life Index #futr pic.twitter.com/cpfFpXCnMark Braggins
RT @markbraggins: @moritz_stephaner explores the data using his own tools, and then tries to turn the essence of that in to a picture #futr
Better Life index, Moritz Stefaner moritz.stefaner.eu/projects/oecd-… #futr pic.twitter.com/Fktoj4VzMirena Papadimitriou
@moritz_stefaner extracting core meaning of data sets and visualising beautifully *joy of pictures* #futr
muesli Ingredients as data visualisation. I like @moritz_stefaner #futr
OECD Better Life – gorgeous interactive visualisation with @moritz_stefaner at #futr
So beautiful. Sexy informative data. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! #futr pic.twitter.com/zc9doRCgJoeli Brearley
#futr @moritz_stefaner discusses the Emoto #London2012 project – with much self restraint! pic.twitter.com/UnvpbURjBrian_Condon
He says he works analytically and everything is there for the data – but if the solution is not beautiful, the answer is probably wrong.
@moritz_stefaner working on project with @toodrew Emoto – visualise Olympic games social media responses #futr
RT @brian_condon: @mauritz_stefaner says (a la Buckminster Fuller) if the solution’s not beautiful, the answer’s wrong #futr #dataviz twitpic.com/9m006lSteve Lawson
Now here’s a good one "pragnanz" concise, clearly shaped, elegant #futr @moritz_stefaner twitpic.com/9m01f0
@moritz_stefaner @futrConf #futr Loved hearing about your approach, inspirational!
RT @FuturEverything: #futr @moritz_stefaner discusses the Emoto #London2012 project – with much self restraint! pic.twitter.com/UnvpbURjMoritz Stefaner

b.tween09 – big ideas

10-12 June 2009

A fabulous event in Liverpool that still has me thinking about the issues and means that I have to blog about it.  This event really does try to ‘boundary cross’ – between the arts and technology, social media, music, geeks, non-geeks (not many!) and businesses (could be more).  Overall a great event and I learnt a lot.

Here is some stuff on the opening and on the importance of narrative. The importance of stories keeps coming up in events.  Especially events that have someting to do with social media.  We neglect stories at our peril!

e-static shadows at the Dana Centre

An exploration of electrostatics and their role in sensors, technology and art

static shadows installation
static shadows installation

A beautiful installation by Zane Berzina latterly of Goldsmiths called Static Shadows

Wide bands of specially made fabrics with >1,000 LEDs each controlled by a single transistor. Conducting wires embedded in the fabric pick up changes in the electrostatic fields near the fabric. As the fields change, so the LEDs change in brightness. Big changes (such as a charged rod) produce quick rapid changes. Small charges (from your hand say) produce slow shimmering changes. You don’t need to touch the fabric – it works because the fabric is sensitive to the electrostatic fields in the environment. Lovely analogue technology and completely captivating.

LEDs react as fields change
LEDs react as fields change

Zane describes the blend of technology and craft fabrication as ‘High Craft’ as opposed to ‘High Tech’. The audience asked loads of questions about how and why it came about and the practical and esthetic applications of the approach.