A fantastic opportunity for Bradford

Intelligent – Now What?

Building a Viable City – Rohit Talwar

He made you sound like a suburb of Palo Alto!

Interesting approach by Rohit – and a suggestion that we take a bit of a step back and take time to reflect on what this all means; what the implications for Bradford are. He was insightful on Brian Cantor’s remarks – which were delivered at high intensity and high speed – a blizzard of bullet pointed facts!

Keynote – Brian Cantor

Brian Cantor at the re:centre
Brian Cantor at the re:centre

Big and Open Data – ‘Give Me More’

Cities and the Circular Economy

This session introduces the CE framework and some of the findings from the Towards the Circular Economy reports.

Craig Johnson – Higher Education Programme Manager Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Adam Lusby – Founder CE-optimal. Chaired by Professor Peter Hopkinson – Director of re:centre at University of Bradford.

Intelligent Cities Conference

Strategic but not “big”

I do a lot of work on strategy. And I remember a discussion I had with the Technology Strategy Board when we proposed that C4CC became a ‘strategic partner’ for the newly named ‘Connected Digital Economy Catapult’. We were told that we ‘weren’t big enough’. And I said, ‘Well, when the Internet started out it wasn’t big either – but it was strategic!’. I didn’t mean to sound like we were trying to do something as important as that, of course, even if it could be interpreted as that. Just that one should not confuse someone big doing something with producing strategic change…