Why I Live Blog

Why I Live Blog

I go to a lot of events – and I always took good notes; closed in a notebook.

Then I thought – why don’t I share my notes to people not able to be at the meeting?  So I started to ‘liveblog’ – make notes in events and sharing them over the web.   I did lots of work with Amplified using realtime tools to support conversations around events.

These days, it’s much easier to cover events – collaboratively using Twitter and tools such as Storify (which I love).  You can see my Storify and also (sometimes) I blog straight into WordPress – like this one: Women in Leadership which is a liveblog of Ruby McGregor-Smith’s speech at the NCUB Annual Lecture.

Usually, I just embed the Storify directly into the body of my main blog page – but as I move into a new set of activities in March 2015, I’ve decided to see whether it feels better to have the Live Blogs as separate pages.  We’ll see.

I find live blogging challenging – you have to listen very hard and concentrate on the speaker’s message.  Also, if you’re looking at tweeting from the event – you can bring that content in.  So it helps me practice my listening – always a good thing!

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