NextGen12 – 9 October

Broadband for All?

Discussion at NextGen12 on the House of Lords Report

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mT @digiscot Broadband for All report being presented by Lord Inglewood #nextgen12 (links to pdf)
Lord Inglewood opens the day #nextgen12 "an alternative vision" – broadband for all
King of Spades now on stage at #nextgen12
Inglewood on Broadband for All: upload is as important as download #nextgen12
Lord Inglewood "on the whole politicians are ‘behind the curve’ on digital technologies" he says this has to change – #NextGen12
@brian_condon Better get on with planning Parliamentary Social Media Surgery #NextGen12
@johnpopham Good idea! He said there are notable exceptions – broadly though they have underestimated the impacts #nextgen12
Lord Inglewood thinks politicians are behind on "these things". File under admit first to be able to fix. A great thing! #nextgen12
Super fast broadband is a meangless thing to say! The goalpost moves! Fiber to everyone is the endgame! I like Lord Inglewood. #nextgen12
@Julianlstar yes – at least the HoL is having a go at it. Inglewood says “we need to open it up” need Open Access #nextgen12
Lord Inglewood coming our strongly against Net Neutrality. I fear the telcos have won political hearts and minds on that one. #nextgen12
What matters is to get about it in a proper way! This speech by Lord Inglewood may prove to provide quite a few good quotes! #nextgen12
@fiberguy but he also talked open access and competition. Maybe need to get close on him on that. #NextGen12
Matt Yardley of Analysys disagrees with HoL report – hub concept flawed he says #nextgen12
Chi Onwurah comes strongly for open access, but no one defines what they mean by that. Openreach says they’re Open Access… #nextgen12
Shadow Queen of Spades criticises current Spades approach but shares vision of King of Spades at #nextgen12 House of Hearts under attack!
Yardley criticises foundation of King of Spades report – and in doing so gets a weak applause at #nextgen12.
"How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice."You must be," said the Cat, or you wouldn’t have come here.” #nextgen12
Lord Inglewood says that “we wouldn’t want to start from here” – but we have to deal with what we’ve got. Yardley says that he sees the HoL model being like sub-loop unbundling; and this hasn’t worked in Europe. He says that the hub concept proposed by the HoL report is flawed economically.
Francesco Caio says UK has done well on usage – need to make sure we equip our people for the future economy – this needs NGA #nextgen12
Yardley says that there are State Aid issues – Inglewood responds that there aren’t such issues if all networks are made open; providing the access is paid for on a realistic basis.

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