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Twitter as a conversational medium – is Twitter an information network or a social network?

This week, Silicon Valley came to Oxford and very odd and interesting it was too.

A highlight for me was a ‘masterclass’ by Biz Stone, one of the Founders of Twitter.

In a panel session in the evening Biz also said that “Twitter is an information network, not a social network” which I tweeted with a ‘do you agree’ question that resulted in a big discussion  on Twitter.  A number of other people also noticed that remark (which from a quick scan of Google has been made before by Evan Williams (@ev) who is also a founder of Twitter).  I’ve tried to track the conversation (not easy) and reproduce it below.  Have a quick scan and see what you think and whether you agree with Biz.

A very interesting remark was that of Lloyd Davis – founder of the Tuttle Club; “I don’t think @biz is any authority on what twitter is.”


I liveblogged his masterclass here: