An Audioboo asynchronous conversation (almost)

For some time, I’ve been thinking about how to use Audioboo in a non-broadcast sort of way.  Think about it.  It’s like radio but with an audience of one or not many.  Most of us use Audioboo in ‘broadcast mode’ meaning that we are making a piece of what used to be callled ‘sound radio’.  We make it, they listen to it [eof].  But it doesn’t need to be like that.

The Audioboo site recognises this in that once you’ve listened to a Boo; you are encouraged to comment in text.  But you could BooBack (hah) which is what I did with Rory.  Here is his Audioboo:

And here is mine in response:

Now, it’s not a conversation yet – but it could be.  Rory tweeted this:

A conversational element
A conversational element

The following day, I made another Audioboo

Which is relevant.  But there it stops.  A conversation that never developed.  But it could.  It still might.  ‘Think on Lad” as my Yorkshire Grandma used to say.

4 thoughts on “An Audioboo asynchronous conversation (almost)”

  1. Brian, asynchronous indeed, and it’s good to point out how people are using Audioboo. I like how social media doesn’t have to be perfect and conversations can be unfinished or reach a natural conclusion.

    I’ll be picking up an iPhone shortly and will certainly be using Audioboo more. I’ve only used Phoneboo a coule of times. But your wander through St James’ Park reminded me of when I lived in London about 10 years ago. Aside from running around with a Super 8mm film camera, I also had a small cassette recorder. I used to record street sounds, describe what I’d see or just ramble about whatever was on my mind as I walked around London. I’d send cassettes to mates back home in Australia.

    I wonder where these recordings are now? Unfinished conversations too.

  2. Hi Guy

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, I like the ‘live’ feel of Audioboo – and the spontaneity of it. I’m not sure that we got as far as a conversation – but I think Audioboo could be used to do it.

    Don’t mind the imperfection – like the concept of Dukkha!



  3. as an activist I feel very tempted to ‘drift off’ and JFDI rather than repeatedly banging my head against a brick wall of suits. I think your audio boo might keep me going a while longer. Nobody seems to understand ‘digitalbritain’ can’t work without next gen infrastructure. Getting sidetracked by the £6 levy and other nitpicking points and most people have missed the bigger picture. If we want to compete in the digital world we have to get the whole picture. I am still re-reading the report, but find no hope of it happening while government listen to suits instead of the people, and I have no faith in OFCOM whatsoever.

  4. I know how you feel. But I think we have to try to keep going. Having met them a few times, I’m convinced that the Digital Britain civil service team are listening. I think they were impressed by the Unconference process. We need to see what actions come out of it!


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