News:Rewired – look at the liveblogs

I’m at News:Rewired and it’s notable how many people are liveblogging.

Of course there’s the maestro Adam Tinworth

Here is the link to his post – click on the picture:

And there’s the ‘official’ liveblog – which is completely ignoring Twitter – how odd…


Click on the picture above and you can see the  Official Liveblog.

I decided that there was so much liveblogging activity that I’d collect all the tweets from the Hashtag #newsrw.  And then have a think about what else I might do. Such as this post.

You can see examples of how I use liveblogging tools such as CoveritLive and Storify in other areas of this blog.

It has to be said though – @Adders is extraordinary!

More later.


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